•  800GPD Electroplated Grinding Wheel
 800GPD Electroplated Grinding Wheel

800GPD Electroplated Grinding Wheel

Product Details:

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Detail Information

Material: Electroplated Bond: Resin
Max Speed: 600mAh Application: Grinding
Grit: 600mAh Package: 600mAh
Abrasive Material: Diamond Quantity: CW Signal

Product Description

Product Description:

The Electroplated Grinding Wheel is a wheel-shaped grinding tool designed for high performance grinding and polishing operations. It is made with a 600mAh package, a 1-8.3TH/s arbor hole, and a CW signal quantity. The wheel is specially coated with an electroplated layer which helps to improve the grinding process and ensure long-lasting use. This electroplating process provides a smooth surface finish and increases the wheel’s cutting power, making it perfect for metalworking and polishing. The electroplating grinding wheel is designed for maximum efficiency and results, delivering a high-quality finish with minimal effort.


  • Product Name: Electroplated Grinding Wheel
  • Grit: 600mAh
  • Abrasive Material: Diamond
  • Application: Grinding
  • Thickness: CW Signal
  • Shape: Wheel

Technical Parameters:

FeaturesHigh Efficiency
QuantityCW Signal
Arbor Hole1-8.3TH/s
Max Speed600mAh
Abrasive MaterialDiamond
ThicknessCW Signal


Electroplated Grinding Wheel is an ideal choice when it comes to grinding and polishing metal surfaces. It provides a high-quality and even finish, due to its plated coating and diamond abrasive material. The wheel has a diameter of 800GPD, a thickness of CW Signal, and a grit of 600mAh. The electroplating process is used to make sure the wheel is durable and able to last through even the toughest grinding jobs. With its diamond abrasive material, this wheel is capable of achieving a smooth surface without leaving any scratches or markings. It is perfect for a variety of applications and can be used for both wet and dry grinding. Thanks to its superior durability, this wheel is sure to provide excellent results for years to come.


Custom-made Electroplated Grinding Wheel

We are offering custom-made Electroplated Grinding Wheel specifically designed for grinding applications. The wheel is made of Diamond abrasive material with Resin bond and has a CW Signal thickness. It also comes with an Arbor Hole of 1-8.3TH/s.

Our Electroplated Grinding Wheel is the perfect choice for your plate grinding and electro-plated grinding needs. We guarantee that each wheel is made with the highest quality standards to ensure the best performance.

Packing and Shipping:

Electroplated Grinding Wheel Packaging and Shipping

Electroplated grinding wheels should be packaged and shipped in a way that ensures they are secure and protected from any damage that could occur during the shipping process. The wheels should be placed in a box or container that is suitable for the size and weight of the wheels. The box should be lined with foam or other cushioning material to keep the wheels secure. The wheels should also be securely wrapped in bubble wrap or other protective material. If the wheels are going to be shipped internationally, it may be necessary to use an airtight, watertight container. All packages should be labeled clearly with the shipping address, contents, and any other relevant information.

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