PBLOG-Epoch-making thin sheet glass processing

June 15, 2023

Latest company news about PBLOG-Epoch-making thin sheet glass processing

latest company news about PBLOG-Epoch-making thin sheet glass processing  0

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For sheet glass, the confusion of appliance glass I believe that most people in the deep glass processing industry have encountered the problem of
-The edges of the glass are easily chipped
-Large edge chamfer
-Glass processing edge grain coarse
-High processing cost
Through one year, 20 glass deep processing factories tested, more than 40 straight edge machines, bilateral machines tested. It was born!
A resin wheel that takes the place of the diamond wheel job.
Compared with the traditional resin wheel, it has the feature of long life. For incomplete statistics, the life of a resin wheel can be used up to 3 months, in polishing 4MM glass, according to the working hours of 8 hours of work, in the full use of resin wheel, there is no diamond wheel existence of the service life.
Comments from our company owner Mr. Lee:
As a factory that produces it, we are proud to say that it has the sharp nature of a diamond wheel and the fineness of a resin wheel. It is an innovative product in the glass industry and can reduce the cost of polishing wheels as well as in the cost of raw glass sheets can bring great benefits to the company.