Glass Market Morning Report

October 23, 2023

China market this week, the main glass contract 2401 shocked down, closing at 1,635 yuan / ton, down 33 yuan / ton, or 1.98%. Spot, the domestic float glass market weekly average price of 2090 yuan / ton, up 1.16%. In terms of supply, this week's float glass enterprise start rate was 82.41%, up 0.5% from the previous week, the capacity utilization rate was 83.61%, an increase of 0.8% from the previous week, and the weekly output increased slightly. Inventory, this week, the national float glass sample enterprise total inventory of 40.34 million heavy box, a decrease of 6.08% from the previous year, go to the warehouse obviously. Profit, the national average profit of 347 yuan / ton of float glass, an increase of 35 yuan / ton. Overall, the holiday glass downstream replenishment is better, glass prices have been raised, but the glass is still in a higher profit stage, the production line resumed production, glass supply pressure is rising. Recently, the macro atmosphere has weakened, real estate enterprises multiple events further triggered market concerns, so the glass was also implicated in a sharp pullback. Later need to pay attention to the glass daily production and sales fluctuations caused by price adjustments and macro events resulting in unexpected risks.
Data source: China Glass Network