Glass Market Morining Repot Second Week of January

January 11, 2024

Latest company news about Glass Market Morining Repot Second Week of January

Yesterday, the main glass contract 2405 experienced fluctuations and closed at 1861 yuan per ton, up by 8 yuan per ton, an increase of 0.43%. In terms of spot prices, the national average price yesterday was 2027 yuan per ton, up by 3 yuan per ton from the previous day. The North China market saw improved trading sentiment due to better weather, while the East China market remained stable. The Central China market saw essential purchases driven by demand, and transactions in the South China region were decent. Overall, current glass production is at a historically high level for this period, and with high industry profits, companies are more enthusiastic about production. However, as we are still in the rush before the end of the year and the construction completion cycle for real estate projects has not yet ended, low inventory levels have provided certain profits to both upstream and downstream sectors, indicating that glass demand remains resilient. Considering the high production volume, low inventory, and resilient demand, prices are expected to show a fluctuating trend. Attention should be paid to price fluctuations caused by premiums and discounts.