Glass Market Morining Repot

December 18, 2023

Latest company news about Glass Market Morining Repot

Yesterday, the main contract of glass 2405 fluctuated and closed at 1834 yuan/ton, down 0.49%. In terms of spot transactions, the national average price was 2006 yuan/ton yesterday, which remained unchanged. The North China market had a flat trading volume due to weather influence, while most markets in East China stabilized today. The Central China market raised prices for sales. The trading sentiment in South China was good. According to Lonzheng Information data, the production of float glass this week was 1.2013 million tons, down 0.55% from the previous week. The enterprise's operating rate was 82.68%, down 0.05% from the previous week, and the capacity utilization rate was 83.78%, down 0.25% from the previous week. In terms of inventory, the total inventory of float glass samples from enterprises across the country was 31.672 million heavy boxes, down 3.67% from the previous week. Overall, the current spot glass production and sales performance is acceptable, with high-priced oscillations. However, under the background of high supply, facing the upcoming consumption off-season, excessive processing profits will inevitably reduce speculative demand during the off-season. Therefore, the future glass prices should not only respect the better fundamentals but also pay attention to the bearishness caused by high profit speculation demands. Blind over-optimism is not advisable.