Glass Market Morining Repot

December 11, 2023

Latest company news about Glass Market Morining Repot

Yesterday, the main contract of glass futures 2405 increased significantly, closing at 1995 yuan/ton, up 106 yuan/ton, or 5.61%. In terms of spot transactions, the national average weekly price this week was 1973 yuan/ton, up 0.46% compared to the previous week. In terms of supply: According to data from Longzhong Information, the output of float glass this week was 1.2079 million tons, down 0.12% from the previous week. The enterprise's operating rate was 82.73%, down 0.06% from the previous week, and the capacity utilization rate was 84.02%, up 0.15% from the previous week. In terms of inventory: The total inventory of float glass samples from enterprises across the country was 32.879 million heavy boxes, down 12.79% from the previous week. Overall, the glass market is supported by the end-of-year construction demand, coupled with the low overall inventory levels of enterprises, which has led to an increase in prices and a boost in downstream purchasing enthusiasm. Currently, it remains in a state of high prices, high profits, and low inventory. With the continuous increase in building maintenance and delivery projects, glass demand is expected to be maintained. At present, downstream inventory is still relatively low, and rigid replenishment demand before consumption ends cannot be ruled out, which may continue to drive high glass prices. It is recommended to pay attention to subsequent building maintenance and completion situations.