New Way to Thin Glass Grinding

December 18, 2023

New Way to Thin Glass Grinding

If your glass grinding process is experiencing edge breakage issues, you may want to consider using a resin wheel instead of a diamond wheel. While it may seem unconventional, our company has developed a high-quality resin wheel that can effectively solve this problem.

Our resin wheel is suitable for use with No.1-3 motors and is designed specifically for thin, high-hardness glass (thickness below 4mm). It boasts high sharpness and hardness, but without the risk of damaging the glass like diamond wheels. In fact, our resin wheel can cut glass as effectively as an 80# diamond wheel when used in a 120# setting.

Customers who have tested our product for over two years have reported several advantages:

  1. A lower chance of edge breakage (less than 0.1%) compared to the industry standard of 0.8%.
  2. Easy to use, with a machine adjustment time of only about 10 minutes, compared to 1-3 hours for diamond wheels.
  3. High durability, with a service life at least three times longer than regular resin wheels.
  4. Excellent grinding and polishing results.